Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rainy Days, Rainy Boots

The first thing we had to sketch in drawing class was our neighbor's shoes. My partner's feet were actually flat on the ground, but it ended up looking like they were hanging. So to fix the problem, I sketched a tree, drew her on a swing, and pretended that the end result was my first intention.

"and the rain came crashing down"

"Just like cups of tea, when it comes to moleskins i always have two on the go."
- Andrea Joseph

So, I was reading through all the listed blogs, not really expecting anything, but I came across a post that really stood out to me. It's called "and the rain came crashing down,"

In her post, Andrea talks of always carrying her sketchbook with her and taking down random things. On a rainy day she began sketching a figure of herself on a piece of paper, that already had some doodles on it, and it ended up turning into something great. She writes, "Now and again, however, a page will start of as a doodle and grow into a finished piece." I feel as if this line is a metaphor for me a first year. Right now I'm the beginning of a doodle waiting to become a finished piece.