Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Room

Where I Live

So this picture is supposed to be a two point perspective of my studio desk. I entitled "Where I Live" because its the truth, I spend majority of my day sitting in this well decorated (if I do say so myself) cubical. I like the picture, however the way I drew it looks like I'm hovering over everything.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

This picture is a plan view of my parents house. There isn't a lot that really goes on around my house. It sits on a hill, but it's level on the top. There are also a ton of trees in the back at the bottom of the hill.

A Topographical Plan

This is one of the first topographical drawings I've done. It was an exercise for my drawing class and I actually enjoyed working on it!

My White House Plan

This is one of my first plan views, and it's of the White House. Our class watched Nadia demonstrate how to create a plan view and we were then told to try it ourselves.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Section

This was the last picture for Stole's section of drawing. It was measured in 1/8th scale, doubled, and drawn in fourth from my text book.

(i attempted scanning this picture more then once and each time it didn't come out that well, the real drawing is better .. trust)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This picture was drawn for my drawing class. I really enjoyed mimicking this picture. It was taken from my text book. It was measured in 1/8th scale, doubled, and drawn in fourth.

(When scanning this picture in, many of the shading lines didn't appear.)

A Plan View

This is the first plan drawing that I've ever done. The picture was given in my text book, it was measured in 1/8 scale, doubled, then drawn in fourth.

(i attempted scanning this picture more then once and each time it didn't come out that well, mainly the poched areas, the real drawing is better .. trust)

A View, A View

For my drawing class I had to imagine and draw the sides of a shape given, I also had to create 10 north arrows.

Perspectives in Black, White, and Orange

These perspective drawings I completed for Nadia's section. They are one point, two point, exaggerated light, another one point, and looking up at the ceiling.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Plug It In - Plug It In

In Nadia's section of drawing, we were told to draw an electrical feature really big ... and here it is ! Actually in the section we had to draw the same feature far away then slowly getting larger. Afterwards we had to pick one picture and draw it at a larger scale.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Close Up With Light

In this section of Nadia's Drawing class we had to draw the same feature at different angles. Afterwards we had to pick one picture and draw it at a larger scale.

A Closer Look at Architectural Devices

In Nadia's section of drawing, we had to draw three different architectural fixtures in three different ways.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dialog 12 x 12 (Ideas)

This project was called Dialog 12 x 12. We were instructed to create two spaces that have a dialog between each other, using only 12 pieces of paper and 12 skewers.
The thought of dialog automatically made me think of parenthesis, holding a conversation. I couldn't really think of anything to make with that, so I decided to use the forms of the greater than, less than forms. I created two movable pieces that could create a new scene anywhere you placed them.
As you can see, with the picture above, one side has curved edges off of the skewers, while the other straight. This was to create a sense of personality in the paper. One side being more aggressive and firm, while the other softer and gentle.

Unfortunately my project was destroyed before I could snap a picture of it. However, above are detailed drawings of each side, and below, the second image is an early rendition of my final.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dialoge 12 x 12 (Ideas)

Our next studio project was to create a dialoge by making two spaces with twelve rods and twelve planes.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sticks and Phones Can Break My Bones

In my drawing class, we had to look closely and the details of our cell phones and twigs. We had to draw what we saw in both, then combine two thumbnails into one, then reduce the number of pictures until we reached four final drawings. Not all of my drawings are shown, but I chose ones that emphasized the change of picture.

Unity 12 x 12

Our next project in studio was to create something unified using only 12 pieces of bristol board and 12 skewers. When getting this project I knew that I wanted to do something envolving the nautilus shell.
The shell consists of many layers and compartments that come together to form one strong whole. This idea of many layers coming together to form one stable whole, is the basis for my project.
From this, I began to glue the 12 pieces of paper together to form a shell like form, I then took the skewers and created a geometric form of the shell on either side of the form. This helped to create a contrast between a smooth round shape and a very sharp portrayal of that form.

A Closer Look (Comparing and Cotrasting Unity)

In my studio class I was given a project to create unity between 12 skewers and 12 planes. During our critique we were told to choose a project and list its similarities and differences to our own. The project I chose to compare mine to was made by my T.A.s Amanda and Dana.

I feel like my Unity 12x12 project best relates to Amanda and Dana’s because both have an apparent radial shape. Though all of my paper works to become the curved shape, Dana and Amanda’s design is very straight and linear creates an implied circular form with flat, straight paper. Both designs have a central point, where the rest of the planes rotate around. It is also noticeable that the skewers in both projects form a structural grid around the paper planes.

When contrasting the two it is clear that the placement and order of the skewers differs with the two. In Amanda and Dana’s project, their skewers are very straight and evenly placed, where as in mine the skewers are (intentionaly) placed in uneven ways. Again with the shape of the paper, my project works to form a curved radial shape, while Dana and Amanda’s is very angular and the hanging projecting pieces form the radial shape. An obvious difference is the fact that theirs rest on its side, where mine is standing up from the ground.

I really enjoyed their project !! YA - YA

Unity / To Draw Unity ...

The first is the Top View, then Gesture, Conture, my Precedent and Graphic, and finally my Elevation (which is actual size).

Friday, October 3, 2008

A "Box" for 12 Twigs

The twigs are bound together by a stringg of rafia. Sorrounding the center point is a sphere of copper wire, it empasizes the connection of all the twigs, and demonstrates the solidity of the whole.

One twig can be snapped easily. Three with effort. Twelve is almost impossible.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A "Box" for 12 Twigs (the Beginning Stages)

The pictures shown are my first two attempts at my "box" for twelve twigs. For the first I chose twigs that were fairly small and delicate, but I felt like the size was too small for the project. In the second I decided to do a chinese staircase up the twig to draw youe eye to wards the center where the wire sphere was created. With that attept I realized that I didn't like the color of the rafia and I decided to only wrap six twigs for my final (which is shown above).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mariella the Fish

A fish is swimming in a fast cerulean blue ocean. Corals of fuchsia, tangerine, siena, and indigo flutter through Mariella the fish’s eyes. She is amazed at the beauty of color that is surrounding her. She slowly swims through her normal route to work as a banker for Fishcovia. Mariella takes in all that surrounds her and thinks, what go wrong on this beautifully colored day.


Mariella the fish runs straight into two humans eating under water. “WHAT THE ....” I’m sure you can guess what Mariella the fish said, FISH STICKS of course !!

John Lynn, a representative for AIA 2030, talked to the whole department about the importance of going green and reaching a carbon neutral environment. First Mr. Lynn discusses how our society needs to be 50 percent neutral right now, we need to be 60 percent by 2010, 80 percent by 2020, 90 percent by 2025, and full carbon neutralization by 2030.One of the challanges with this goal is the carbon use of everyone. One way to limit this use is for building designers to create structures that will last a long time and can withstand time. “The whole is greater then the sum of its parts, we are a storm on a planet.”

The 411 on 12 Twigs

One stick can be snapped easily, three with effort, twelve almost impossible. With my twelve twig project, I am highlighting and showcasing one idea, an idea that when a group of twigs are placed together they create a stability that can not be broken. My goal is to emphasis this feature and highlight its strong quality.

Right now there is a chinese ladder wrap around all twelve twigs. It leads to the center, where it is met by a metallic sphere, and slowly branches off from that point. The chinese laddering also makes a spiral around the twigs, creating a pattern that draws your eyes closer to the metal sphere. feel like I need to do some variety reduction and only wrap six of the twigs. I am also changing the color of the wrapping to a pale green, which will strongly contrast with copper wire.

My first idea for my project was to stand it up, but Tommy had the idea of turning to the side and I believe it creates a much stronger message. I chose to leave the twigs at a quite long length to create a contrast with the small sphere.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hand and Hand

These are my ambedextous hands. The top is me drawing with my right hand, the bottum with my left. Obviously you can tell that I'm right handed. YA - YA !!

Time in a Bottle

I feel like an hourglass is an abstract version of my stick project.
The sphere surrounding the center on my project relates back to the point where the sand of the hourglass is caught between past and present.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Place for a Leaf ... Full Circle

Our first studio project ! A Place for a Leaf.
EXCITING !!!!!! YA - YA !!

The place for a leave in my mind will always be falling from a tree on a crisp Autumn day. To represent this, I decided to make my project hang fro mthe ceiling. Around the actual leaf is a daimond shape that acts as an abstract form of what it holds. Through the four sides of the daimond, the paper starts to crinkle and deteriorate. This represents the life cycle of the leaf within. It is an ongoing process of life, It starts crisp and neat, starts to age and break apart, then finally crumbles back to the earth create more.

Listen to the Words that are Coming Out of My Mouth !!

Well this was quite a disaster. It's supposed to be Danielle's cheap ring. I had to turn my back to her while she described an object and I had to draw it. It was actually a fun exercise and amusing to see what came from what she described to me.