Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project Two :: Halfway Point

central regional hospital REdesign

Monday, September 13, 2010

Project Two :: Conceptual Thinking

central regional hospital REdesign
i feel like i become most inspired when i create images and graphics that express what my concept means to me. it's also away to express my ideas to others and remind me of how special each project it.
(the following backgrounds were created through photoshop)

Project Two :: Site Analysis

central regional hospital REdesign
My fellow classmates and I were assigned to observe different qualities of the Central Regional Hospital. The following is what we discovered.

Project Two :: Precedent Study

central regional hospital REdesign
... the booklet

The following images are from the book I created for my precedent study. I enjoyed working on this, layout design is one of my favorite things to do.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project Two :: Precedent Study

central regional hospital REdesign

The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore
3415 Bainbridge Avenue
Bronx, NY 10467
(718) 741-2426
The concept at Montefiore is one of journey and connection. The film “Powers of Ten” was also used as inspiration for this children’s hospital. Designers explored this concept on each floor by using different themes and various art installations.
“Local and nationally known artists were hand picked to develop each floor’s pieces around a specific idea geared either to the developmental level or illness treated on that floor” (Archrecord). The mission to connect a child in bed to a whole world of information is what drove this design to completion.

the bridge of life
When entering the hospital, one is greeted by a curved, backlit frosted glass reception desk, representing the planet Jupiter. Behind this is a 28″ long glass mural, created with varying degrees of translucent paints. The chosen light brings out the murals opulent colors and sets the scene for a magnificent adventure. Following the reception desk is a "Powers of Ten"–style bridge spanning the lobby where you’ll find a scaled graphic set of panels, ranging from the size of DNA up to the diameter of the earth.
“From a ‘you are here’ showing one’s location on a jumbo size glass mural of our Milky Way galaxy, to in-scale relationships between our own solar system’s planets as depicted by architectural elements, visitors find themselves immersed in an environment that continually reiterates their place in the universe, both in scale and location” (Archrecord). The concept is further represented on each floor using different themes.

the reception desk
Located in the lobby is an Ecosphere or a self contained biosphere. It is a metaphor for Earth where children can observe many types of species living together and playing a role to help in each other’s survival. The solar screen behind the sphere is a filter providing the inhabitants with the correct amount of light in order to survive. The screen also depicts the night sky over the Bronx on July 20, 1969, the day humans first landed on the moon. Also, a different animal is assigned to each room making it is easier to locate.

Does it Fly? Does it Swim? Does it Walk? Does it Climb?

the ecosphere, a metaphor for earth
Site Context
Every patient’s room is designed in a thrilling and exciting way allowing each child to feel comfortable, while on a stimulating journey. Each room is lined with a Neighborhood Mural, depicting various and delightful scenes of New York. Designers wanted to bring the extravagance of the city into the hospital walls so children would still be connected to their amazing home. Montefiore holds a special connection to New York, through art and design, and would not be successful if relocated to a different site.

The Montefiore Philosophy: No Concern too Small
“Our Customer Service Specialists are trained to listen and problem solve. They are ready to address questions, problems, complaints, grievances and special requests quickly and efficiently. Patients and their families or significant others may contact Customer Services directly or request assistance through the patient’s nurse” (

Lighting and Color
Lighting is used in an imaginative and fresh way. The Mural behind the lobby desk is lit in a vibrant way depicting our Milky Way Galaxy, while the bridge running through the lobby is creatively illuminated with scaled graphics ranging from the size of DNA to the diameter of the Earth. The columns are illuminated to represent the rays of the sun. In the examine rooms, tiles are placed on the ceilings mirroring the night sky gleaming with stars. The overall space is bright and constantly inviting. Color is used in a vibrant way engaging your eyes. By every room there is a sign with a colorful animal painted onto it. This allows children to describe their room should they get lost. Throughout the hall are similar animals and wall sconces keep with that theme. Example: Hallways with animals that crawl will have paw prints across their sconces where the light will shine through.

Interior Finishes and Furnishings
Some special features in the lobby include: a custom-made backlit frosted reception desk, computer kiosks where children can further their leaning process, an exciting bridge of life made of painted tile, illuminated columns, graphic picture designed into the walls exploring life, and a mosaic floor with illustrations of innumerable animals. The patients rooms are lined with custom paintings, contain window coverings with Jurassic scenes, and contain different chairs and pullout sofas for family members to sleep. Every room is also equipped with a private bathroom including a shower.

HVAC / Services
Excluding the pipes of the hospital, most mechanical systems are exposed though they are hardly recognized due to the extensive amount of unique art and design. It in no way affects space because the children are constantly engaged with activities and learning games.

the foucault pendulum
Unique Features
The Ecosphere or a self-contained biosphere located in the lobby is a metaphor for Earth. Children can observe many types of species living together, all playing a role to help in each other’s survival. The Bridge of Life is also a unique feature, explaining many different forms of life. The Foucault pendulum is a 23ft mass of bronze and glass demonstrating how the earth rotates on an axis. Different murals are painted in every patient room exploring the scenes of New York. The curtains in each room also pull down to show dinosaurs roaming the Earth. The whole hospital is filled with unique and interesting features that creatively allow children to explore the endless possibilities of their imagination.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Project Two ::

central regional hospital REdesign

project opportunity...
to redesign the child and adolescent units at the Central Regional Psychiatric Hospital.

We, as student designers, are entrusted with the task of designing the interiors of the Child and Adolescent Unit of the Central Regional Hospital at Butner. The Department of Health and Human Services consolidated two aging psychiatric hospitals located in Raleigh and Butner, North Carolina into a single new 432 bed facility located in Butner, North Carolina [].

the Central Regional Hospital @ Butner, North Carolina