Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shelter Together

In another effort to bring awareness to the tragedy in Haiti, my first project in studio design is to build a make-shift shelter out of found materials. A group of four others and myself have come together to build this shelter. Each member of our group was told to write a short narrative about the shelter we're building (Solo Reflection), then we were asked to draw a space that has all of our ideas incorporated into it. Above is that illustration.

Relief for Haiti

"In the wake of the devastating earthquake that recently hit Haiti, we cannot help but think how fortunate we are to have shelter that offers protection from outside elements and, equally important, affords us with a sense of security." Above is a flier informing the UNCG student body of the fundraiser we are having to aid Haiti. Come support the cause!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Solo Reflection

Books Books Books

"Sanctuary," a term which heres means refuge, a place of comfort and peace.

Juliet Sinclair, was a 10-year-old, vivid reader. She wanted to fill her head with as much information as she possibly could, and she achieved this through books. Books on philosophy, astronomy, architecture, design, and dolphin riding. Anyone that knew Juliet also knew that she was much too intelligent to play hide and seek with the rest of the neighborhood kids. The other ten-year-olds considered her to be a loser-loner-freak, and would often taunt her. Juliet however, ignored them. She was too busy escaping to magical worlds, where children knew how to fly, lions knew how to speak, and going 20,000 leagues under the sea was another adventure.
On one sunday afternoon, Juliet Sinclair had just finished reading a 538 page book on how to build and design make-shift shelters. She enjoyed it so much that she thought it would be a fantastical idea if she built her own shelter. She would build a place where she could read and enjoy her enormous collection of books. Juliet would design a space where she could find comfort and peace. So it was made. Juliet, created a structure out of plastic rods, plastic bags, cardboard, fabric, and glass. The plastic rods where assembled and created the skeleton of the little house. Cardboard was placed over the rods to create the walls. Large plastic bags where then placed over the cardboard to prevent water damage from the rain, and finally fabric was placed on the inside of the shelter for a warm and cozy feeling. Juliet left an opening on the ceiling to let in natural light during the day, and at night she would be able to look up at the stars she read about. She also created a hanging chandelier out of old beer bottles she found in the back seat of her father's Pathfinder. She placed the chandelier near the skylight to allow the reflection of the sun. Juliet Sinclair created a "sanctuary," a term which here means refuge. She created a peaceful place where she could leave the ugliness of her world and escape to the wonderful possibilities that a story can hold.

New Semester :: New Start

After a short and much needed break from the trials of school and studio, I'm back for yet another semester. I must say, I was definitely dreading coming back to school (as would anyone who just had a month of sleeping in, lazing around, and frolicking in the cold crisp air of december). To my surprise however, I walked into all of my classes with hopeful eyes and a ready eagerness to learn as much as I possibly can!! It's a new semester and a new start, and I can't wait to get back into the swing of things!!