Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Room

Where I Live

So this picture is supposed to be a two point perspective of my studio desk. I entitled "Where I Live" because its the truth, I spend majority of my day sitting in this well decorated (if I do say so myself) cubical. I like the picture, however the way I drew it looks like I'm hovering over everything.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

This picture is a plan view of my parents house. There isn't a lot that really goes on around my house. It sits on a hill, but it's level on the top. There are also a ton of trees in the back at the bottom of the hill.

A Topographical Plan

This is one of the first topographical drawings I've done. It was an exercise for my drawing class and I actually enjoyed working on it!

My White House Plan

This is one of my first plan views, and it's of the White House. Our class watched Nadia demonstrate how to create a plan view and we were then told to try it ourselves.